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As an international speaker and business coach, I have heard it all. In this case all the “logical” reasons, why you shouldn’t launch the business of your dreams. Here are the 10 steps required to overcoming that fear.

Step 1 Stop Sharing Your Big Dreams With Small Minded People

This is a quote Steve Harvey is infamous for, but great minds like Deepak Chopra and everyone who believes in the law of attraction will tell you the same. Why? Because those too afraid of change will drag you down.

Step 2 Contemplate The Alternative

If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always be where you’ve always been. It’stime for something new, and you deserve to pursue your passion!

Step 3 Hire A Business Coach

Most new businesses fail within their first 5 years, many in less than 24 months. A business coach will help you set the solid foundation you need to succeed.

Step 4 Hire A CPA

If your business consultant is a CPA you are all set, if not your CPA will help to keep your finances on track—and help you avoid the most common business, accounting, money management, and payroll errors.

Step 5 Identify Your Gaps

Now is not the time for pride, so take an honest look at what needs to get done that is out of your wheelhouse—and clearly identify your gaps.

Step 6 Get The Training You Need To Fill The Gaps

Sign up for a seminar, workshop, or college course to help fill the gaps in your skillset. You may even be able to develop the skills you need by reading a book—The One Minute Managerby Kenneth H. Blanchardfor example.

Step 7 Hire The Right People

Whether part-time, full-time, contract-based or freelance—hire the people you need to grow your business. This might include web designers, online marketing experts, sales-savvy team members, or anyone who is strong where you are weak!

Step 8 Network

Networking is required for expanding your industry contacts, establishing your business locally, and maybe even for Step 9.

Step 9 Find Your Mentor

If you don’t already have an industry or business mentor there is no time like the present. Mentor-worthy professionalsare busy, so be prepared to bring something to the table.

Step 10 Get Out There

If you build it, theywon’t come. Yes, we live in an electronically connected world, but you need to spread the word in the rightcircles about your new business. Whether, locally, nationally, globally, online, or offline you need to identify meaningful ways to engage your target audience. Want to connect with Hazel Herrington directly? Reach out to her today at hazelherrington.com

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